Prerequisites, terms and prices for membership and participation

To attend dance classes you need: 

  • Membership in OSI (Oslo Students Sports Club) & Membership in OSI Gruppedans (Group Dance). This is what you apply for at the page BLI MEDLEM!” (BECOME A MEMBER). 

  • admission card and/or membership to the fitness center chain "SiO Athletica" (if at least one of the dance clasess you want to attend is held in one of SIO's locations). This you have to fix yourself directly with SiO (Prices, terms and conditions).

Other conditions: 

  • We note that there is an 18-year age limit for attending our dance classes and events. 

  • We expect regular attendance at our dance courses. If you are unable to attend, please inform your instructor. The instructor can keep you from performing at the show if you have too much absence during the semester. 

  • OSI Gruppedans takes the liberty of taking pictures of members and participants at all events that can be used in advertising. 

Other events from OSI Gruppedans wil be published here. Some are open for non-members as well, this will be specified in the eventdescription.


Price per semester consists of the following components: 

Membership in OSI      +     membership in OSI Gruppedans     (+ access to SIO Athletica)


Student                                 120 kr + administration fee
Non-student 300 kr + administration fee

OSI Gruppedans: 

Student 450 kr + administration fee
Non-student900 kr + administration fee

It is possible to sign up for as many courses as you want for the membership fee. Purchases are non refundable. 

Access to the SiO Athletica fitness centers:

OSI (Oslo Students' Sports Club) and SIO (Studentsamskipsnaden SIO) are two different organizations. Most of our courses take place at the fitness centers of SiO Athletica (see the syllabus). To attend these courses, you must pay for access to the fitness centers - in addition to membership of OSI and OSI Gruppedans.

Access to the gyms of SiO Athletica is up to you to arrange directly with SIO Athletica, but note that this is a prerequisite for accessing the courses that takes place there! More information to be found here: Prices, terms and conditions.